Baked chicken with honey and orange juice


Cut chicken in 8 or so pieces, cut off wing tips and remove skins and save both. In a grinder or small blender blend as many fresh red hot chilies as you can take, a generous piece of ginger, some cinnamon, black pepper and salt and about 3 to 5 cloves of garlic, depending on their sizes and your preferences. Rub the chicken pieces thoroughly with this mixture. To prevent burning the skin of my hands with the chilies, I cover them with a small plastic bag each. I guess you could also use rubber gloves.



Place the chicken pieces in a baking form. In a cup mix about two thirds of fresh orange juice with one third of honey. Pour over chicken and bake in oven. Baste with the sauce from time to time, and turn pieces over when half done. To prevent too much of the sauce from evaporating , I cover the form tightly with aluminum foil, which I only remove for the last fifteen minutes or so of baking time.



Serve with rice (Basmati) cooked in broth prepared from saved chicken refuse (skin, wing tips, neck and some bits of vegetables, 1/2 onion, parsley and spices), topped with dried barberries previously soaked in a bit of water and simmered a few minutes with a dab of butter and a few threads of saffron.