Colourful rice dish

Marinate 300 g of white fish fillets cut in small pieces in marinade of some tamarind extract diluted in water and mixed with chili powder and salt.  
Saute half onion and two cloves of garlic, finely chopped, in vegetable oil, add one cup each of small pieces of differently coloured bell peppers and sliced champignons and two cups of previously washed Basmati rice. Saute another three minutes, add a dash each of curcuma, cinnamon and cloves.  
Add sufficient hot vegetable or chicken stock and a bit of saffron, salt to taste, bring to boil, stir once, cover and let simmer until rice is nearly done.  
Drain fish pieces and very carefully mix with rice, close pot and simmer a few more minutes, than turn off heat and let stand at least another 5 min.  
Garnish with lightly roasted cashew kernels and chopped parsley.  
Instead of fish add more vegetables  
Instead of fish add leftover cooked poultry or meat pieces  
Instead of bell peppers use frozen peas.  
Further optional garnish: Pomegranate seeds.