Some promising food links I came across: 




Sufi cookbook and Art Gallery


Recipes from various Islamic countries; essays on background and customs


Binnur's Turkish Cookbook

  Great Turkish recipes and food blog    

Pakistani recipes 


Extensive collection of Pakisani and Indian recipes


Iranian Recipes


Irani recipes on the site of the Iran Chamber society; which contains also much cultural content


Indian recipes


Traditional and modern (Coca Cola chicken!) Indian recipes


The Congo Cookbook


Recipes from various African countries


Cooking lessons in Morocco


Informative site about Morocco and its culinary culture, including some recipes


Moroccan and Maghrebi recipes (German page)


Personal recipe collection of a German traveler


Veg Web


Vegetarian recipes 


Recipe Source

  Over 70'000 recipes organized into two major groups - recipes by country or by type of dish    

Gernot Katzer’s Spice Pages

  Extensive information on 117 different spice plants, with emphasis on their usage in ethnic cuisines, in English and German    

Indian Vegetarian recipes

  Vegetarian recipes from all over India    

Egyptian recipes

  Commercial tour site, slow server, but many recipes and a link to a feature on koshary