In my high-tech state-of-the-art kitchen in Pushkar, India, 1979
    ....and don't let appearances deceive you, it may just have been a little nook on the public terasse outside the room I was staying in, but it was all I needed. Together with some Italian friends we even did ravioli filled with Indian cheese, and the smells of my cooking more than once brought unexpected but welcome dinner guests to my doorsteps.      
    Traveling to me is about immersing myself in different cultures, exchanging opinions, mixing with the locals, learning about their ways and sharing their food. Eating koshary in an Egyptian souk, having momo in a rice-beer shack in Kathmandu, slurping noodle soup on a Bangkok sidewalk, sampling börek in a Turkish hamlet or buying cooked yam from a fat Mama somewhere in the Sahel are joys I wouldn't want to miss. Those dishes root me to the place I'm visiting and connect me with its people. There sure are more important things than sampling culinary specialties in different countries, but few that give me more pleasure.    
    Just hit my travel section and see how often you'll catch me with a spoon and a plate in my hands.  :)     


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