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Chicken with honey and orange juice


Chicken curry Indian style


Chicken in tomato-coconut milk sauce


Chicken breasts with brandy and cream


Chili Chicken


Oven baked chicken with vegetables 


Chicken Mainau (cold chicken legs; picnic dish)




  Vegetable stew with lamb   Persian lamb stew with pumpkin  
      Indian type lamb stew with potatoes  
      Afghani Qabeli pilau (or pilaf)  
  Fish with tomatoes and bell peppers   Fish in coconut milk with fresh herbs  
  Fish curry   Malaysian fish curry   

Spicy chard rolls with rice and fish filling

  Fish gratin  



Fish soup



Fish soup II


Vegetable dishes 

Gratin of zucchini (green squash) and potatoes


Eggplant and chickpeas mussakka


Ragout of mushrooms


Pumpkin tarte 


Pancakes with Asparagus


Vegetable Pokhora

Rice dishes and pilafs 
  Rice dish with fish, vegetables and mushrooms  

Arroz con pollo (colorful rice dish with chicken


pieces and vegetables)

      Simple saffron pilaf with peas  



Festive pilaf




Lemon rice (can be eaten cold; picnic dish)

      Pumpkin soup  
      Avocado soup  
Pasta and Pasta Sauces 
  Pasta sauce 1   Lasagne al forno  

Pasta sauce 2




Special pesto 



Salad of red chicorée 


Raita Pakistani style


Green salad with burberry dressing 



  Das bis anhin einzige Rezept in deutscher Sprache: Malaysisches Fischcurry  
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